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Why do people always visit Khwai concession when in Botswana?

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Khwai community concessions

Located on the north eastern edge of the Moremi game reserve and dominated by the Khwai river and its impressive floodplains; this is one of the most scenic areas of northern Botswana; with beautiful riverine forest and prolific game. A visit to Khwai in the dry season very rarely disappoints; with regular sightings of leopard, African wild dogs and lions. In the late 90’s a particularly huge pride of lions gained worldwide coverage for its ability to hunt and take down elephants; which are also plentiful in this water rich environment. The leopards love the large trees next to the river with their shady canopy and can often be found there escaping the heat of the day. Two important points to make about Khwai, are the lack of lodges and camps in Khwai mean you will not encounter a lot of other vehicles in the reserve and some of the lodges in Khwai offer different wildlife activities, including walking safaris and night time drives.

Best time to visit Khwai?

 As already indicated, Khwai is one of the best places to see wildlife in Botswana during the dry season – July to October. The waters of the Okavango Delta arrive from the west via the picturesque Khwai river; which acts as a magnet to thousands of thirsty animals moving out of Chobe national park as the dry season progresses. Such a mass movement of animals will always attract predators to the Khwai concession and game drives here are often action packed and very rewarding. The rare Roan Antelope is also a target for wildlife photographers, as it is often seen drinking at the river in this period.

Khwai is good for birding and in particular raptors, which perch on some of the larger trees by the river, searching for easy prey. Some of the more common raptors are Giant Eagle Owl, Bateleur Eagle and Marsh Harriers. Obviously, the wet season from November to March is Khwai will provide easier birding and a greater number of resident and migratory species; but this is a great birding location in Botswana, all year round.

Khwai safaris – what type of safari can I do here?

Although some of the same rules apply in Khwai as the nearby Moremi game reserve, if you choose the best wildlife lodges in Khwai you will be able to choose from a wider range of safari activities. So, for example, Khwai Tented Camp owned by African Bush Camps, offers expert led guided walking safaris in Khwai as well as night drives, looking for more nocturnal species, such as leopard, Aardwolf and porcupine and honey badger. Because Khwai tented camp provides a more rounded and in depth wildlife experience you are more likely to maximise your wildlife encounters while staying in the Khwai community concession. A stay here also directly benefits the local community, as all profits go into the Khwai Community Trust, which supports local projects and local villagers.

Khwai campsite Moremi

Often known as North Gate (Khwai) campsite, this campsite located to the south of the river is ideally located for game drives to both the Khwai community concession and Moremi game reserve. In recent years facilities have been significantly upgraded; especially the toilet blocks. Taking care of both your equipment and food and not leaving it unattended is crucial here, as you have the daytime thieves interested in your food and vehicle – Vervet monkeys – and the night time burglars; the meat loving Spotted Hyenas who will be interested in what you are putting on the barbecue.

Khwai tented camp

Probably the best camp in Khwai concession and a real favourite with visiting Wildlife Trails clients. Khwai tented camp belongs to African bush camps and if one of several comfortable camps and lodges they own in northern Botswana. The camp offers visitors multiple ways to view the best Botswana wildlife. As well as the ‘standard’ morning and afternoon game drives where you can see some of Africa’s best wildlife – such as, lion, cheetah, leopard, wild dog, elephant, buffalo, hippo and giraffe – guests staying at Khwai Tented Camp are privileged to be able to take night time drives for nocturnal wildlife. This activity, along with their highly regarded guided walking safaris in Khwai, are not usually permitted in the National Parks or Game Reserves of Botswana, and allows guests to enjoy up close and personal with some of Africa’s rarer species which are more active at night.

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