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Top 5 Brazil Wildlife Holidays

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Top 5 Brazil Wildlife Holidays​

Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world, has the 2nd largest number of mammals of any country, the 3rd largest number of birds, the largest and most famous tropical forest in the world and some of the most stunning beaches…………….is there any reason why you have still not visited?

Wildlife Trails have been visiting Brazil since our first epic 34 day recce trip there in 2007 and have put together our Top 5 Brazil wildlife holidays; based on both our own experience and that of hundreds of our clients who have visited this friendly, diverse, vibrant and beautiful country. Find out where is the best place to see Jaguars in Brazil, where you need to head for a truly wild Maned Wolf encounter and how wonderful it is to get up close and personal with Giant Anteaters.

(1)    Jaguar safari in the Pantanal

How do you want to see your first wild Jaguar? Do you want to stumble through humid rainforest in a 3 month fruitless search for them in tropical jungles, or do you want to feel the cool breeze in your hair, perfectly positioned with loads of space, in your own private boat on the Cuiaba river in the Pantanal? In the space of 10 years, sightings of Jaguars in the Pantanal went from rare – well, would you be relaxed with several hunting dogs and Pantaneiro with guns chasing you? – to common, thanks to great partnerships between international wildlife NGO’s and local ranch owners in Brazil, who discovered there was good money to be made finding Jaguars for wildlife photographers to ‘shoot’.

These days, you can expect to see multiple Jaguars in a 5 night stay at the famous Porto Jofre Lodge and most of our Brazil wildlife tours would not be complete without a Jaguar safari in the Pantanal and several days of boat safaris on the world famous Cuiaba River. As well as Jaguars, you have an excellent chance to see Tapir, Capybara, Giant Anteaters, Hyacinth Macaws, Howler Monkeys, Anaconda and Ocelot. It is not unusual to obtain a mammal list of 30+ species, when focusing on daytime and nocturnal species with your expert naturalist. Why not join us on our small group Jaguar safari staying at Porto Jofre lodge; which included 4 full days or boat safaris (maximum of 8 clients in the boat)

(2) Rainforest lodge in the Amazon

Anyone considering a Brazil wildlife holiday will automatically think of the Amazon and which rainforest lodge is likely to give them the best experience. I am going to stick my neck out and give you two recommendations based on our own personal visit.

Cristalino Lodge

I have been lucky enough to visit this Amazon rainforest lodge on two occasions and without a doubt it is one of the most famous bird watching locations in South America. More than that, the female owner has undoubtedly saved a small patch of the southern Amazon Forest – which is under intense pressure from illegal loggers – for future generations to enjoy. In addition, this is the closest Amazon wildlife lodge to visit from the Pantanal and thus gives you the chance to combine a Jaguar safari in the Pantanal with an Amazon safari, without having to link multiple flights and add a huge amount of cost to your Brazil wildlife tour. We can personally recommend the location, quality of accommodation and excellence of their wildlife guides.

(3)    Ukari Lodge

Back in 2006 I was lucky enough to flight from Manaus (the capital of the Amazonia) to Tefe and then take a beautiful boat transfer to this utterly amazing and beautiful Amazon rainforest lodge. Floating peacefully on the bend of a pristine river - where you can regularly see Pink River Dolphins rising to the surface and spouting from the blow holes - it is hard to think of a more idyllic location in the Brazilian Amazon. My favourite activity was to head out with local guides in an open dugout and search for the Ukari (red faced monkey), or the prehistoric Hoatzin bird, which can be spotted just a short distance from the lodge. Why not head into the heart of the Amazon with us and book a stay at Ukari Lodge?

(4)    Maned wolf safari

Before you go in search of this rare canid, it is important to understand about what type of experience you really want. Do you want to visit the artificial Charles Munn ‘feeding sites’, which he has sold so successfully to the dumb-downed US and UK markets who are too lazy to work for their wildlife, or do you want the real experience of tracking down a truly wild Maned Wolf? Wildlife Trails and our clients have always chosen the latter and that is why we head to Canastra national park in search of the ‘fox on stilts’. Yes, you may only get distant sightings of this majestic long-legged fox, but it will give you a glimpse into his amazing secretive world. Check out our amazing combination of Jaguar safari in the Pantanal and Maned Wolf.

(5)    Where to see Giant Anteaters in Brazil?

We have been very lucky over the years in viewing and photographing Giant Anteaters in Brazil. We saw our first Anteaters back in 2007 in Canastra national park. The unique grassland habitat of this park provided ideal cover and food for these amazing animals and due to their poor eyesight, we were able to get reasonably close for the photographs. Our clients have also seen them regularly in the north Pantanal; in particular, around the drier habitat of the northern section of the Transpantaneira roads where Pousa Alegre is located.

However, our favourite and most successful location is the south Pantanal - access from Campo Grande airport – where we have found wildlife lodges wit established scientific study programs on the Giant Anteaters and the sightings are quite common. One of our clients favourite Brazil wildlife holidays, it to combine North and South Pantanal for a Jaguar and Giant Anteater safari.

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