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Mating Jaguars on the Cuiaba River


Our Brazil wildlife tours take you to seom of the most beautiful wlderness areas in this huge and exciting country. However one river has now become legendary amongst wildlife photographers for the number and quality of the jaguar sightings - welcome to Pantanal and the beautiful Cuiaba River. Get ready for a spectaular Jaguar safari; as we first witnessed back in July 2007.

The year was 2007 and during the hot and dusty month of July, I found myself driving down the famous unsealed  Transpanteneira road, heading for the sleepy hamlet of Porto Jofre. Infact, really there is only the fishing and wildlife lodge of the same name located here, as the road comes to a grinding halt - they never built the bridge over the wide Cuiaba River!
This is the best place to see Jaguars in the world It is not a national park or well controlled private reserve like in Africa. It is simply a huge wetland consisting of several massive private ranches; some of which have 'converted' to wildlife tourism. The Jaguars have gone from being hunted with dogs and guns, to being hunted with Canons and Nikons and numbers have rebounded spectacularly.
It was late in the evening and after a fruitless day on the Cuiaba River - at least for Jaguars - we increased the speed of our private motor boat to get back to the lodge before sunset. Suddenly we glimpsed the unmistakable marking of a Jaguar under some trees by the rivers edge and to our great excitement we realised there were two Jaguars together - a male and female. We were the only boat there and we had to position ourselves with some skill in the current to get the best photos. We witnessed some incredible post-cotial classic big cat behaviour and as I celebrated with a cold beer back at the lodge, I could still hear the roar of the Jaguars reverberate around by head.

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