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Looking to see African Wild Dogs, Lions and Leopard? - Moremi Game Reserve is for you

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Moremi Game Reserve

Since the relatively recent re-introduction of white Rhino to the Moremi Game reserve it has become famous as a place to see the Big 5 in Africa. It also covers about 20% of the Okavango Delta; allowing visitors to take boat safaris or a traditional Mokoro safaris. However, it is the ‘dry’ areas of Moremi which steal the show. The Mopane tongue is known for its large elephant herds and beautiful mature forests; located between the Khwai and Mogogelo rivers. Chief Island only has a few wildlife lodges and the game viewing here is as good as anywhere in Botswana. This area has built its reputation as one of the best African wild dog locations in Botswana; but when it comes to predators, there is much more to see. Unusually for an area close to the Okavango Delta, there are good sightings of Cheetah. Lions are also relatively plentiful, as are spotted Hyena and there is always a chance of leopard; although, their activity is much more nocturnal.

Best time to visit Moremi Game Reserve?

Overall the best time to visit Moremi is during the dry season from April-October. Although you are less likely to see rain at this time, the actual water levels in the Okavango Delta will peak by around August/September, due to the time it takes for the water to arrive from the Angolan Hills. The early part of the dry season sees cooler temperatures and plenty of wildlife action. For lovers of big cats, wild dogs and Africa’s predators, the hotter, dryer months of September and October are considered the best time to visit Moremi game reserve, as both prey and predators gather in the north of the park and areas like the Khwai river are full of game.

Moremi game reserve has a rich variety of different habitats, from vast floodplains to beautiful woodlands; seasonal rivers to dry desert sands - making it an ideal year-round Botswana safari destination. Consider the wet season in Moremi from November to March for fantastic birding and a chance to see African wild dogs preparing their dens for the arrival of new pups.

Moremi safaris – a great variety of ways to see wildlife!

Moremi game reserve has a richly deserved reputation as one of Botswana best places to see predators. Not only that, it offers greater flexibility and a greater variety of safari activities which really appeal to regular visitors to Africa who are looking for something different. Many of the wildlife lodges located in the private concessions in Moremi, offer off road driving (carefully managed), night time drives and walking safaris to complement their regular activities. This means you can ‘target’ rarer species, such as Aardvark, Aardwolf and Leopard and maximise your time with a species if you are a serious wildlife photographer.

Moremi game reserve accommodation – what’s the right choice for me?

Since Moremi is in a great position to offer its visitors both activities associated with the Okavango Delta, as well as land based activities, such as game drives and walking safaris, you might be tempted to choose the best lodge in Moremi for the best of both worlds. If you did, then we can certainly recommend Camp Moremi. This camp is right on the Xakanaxa lagoon, located inside the Moremi Game Reserve and offers boat safaris, Mokoro trips and game drives. The only downside is the lack of walking safaris and night time drives; but those are the regulations in the main Moremi game reserve.

If money is burning a hole in your pocket and you are happy to pay for a more luxurious bush experience, then staying at either Mombo or Chiefs camp could be the right choice for you. Mombo camp has been involved in a highly successful white rhino introduction project – the black rhino re-introduction here had limited success due to smaller starting population – and can offer visitors the chance to see the big 5 in Botswana. Chief is a little less expensive than Mombo and comes highly recommended for its service levels and action packed game drives.

Affordable Botswana safari visiting Moremi and Khwai

To encourage visitors looking for a budget Botswana safari and not missing out on the best wildlife reserves in Botswana, we have put together a small group affordable Botswana safari, which visit to Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve, Khwai Community concession, Savute and Chobe national park. Both Moremi and Khwai are good places for wild dogs and we will be spending 3 nights here camping (full service) while maximising our time on game drives. If you are interested, please have a quick look at our 12 day budget Botswana wildlife safari.

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