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How to plan your perfect Canada wildlife holiday

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How to plan your Canada wildlife holiday

Canada is a vast country with boundless opportunities to view amazing wildlife in stunning landscapes. However, distances between locations can be huge and if you only have 1 or 2 weeks for your Canada wildlife tour; planning your route and itinerary efficiently, will not only help you maximise your wildlife encounters, but also help you enjoy a more relaxed and balanced Canada wildlife safari.

Which Province should I choose for my Canada wildlife holiday?

We have been organising bespoke Canada wildlife tours since 2003 and have spent many months in Nunavut, Manitoba, Quebec and British Colombia. These four Provinces were not chosen by accident, but rather based on the wildlife viewing potential in each location and then backed up by extensive and multiple Wildlife Trails recce trips to then create some of the best Canada wildlife tours on the market. While we see potential in Yukon for more hardcore adventure and wildlife purists and fully understand that Newfoundland and Labrador have great whale watching and road trips. Our focus has been to bring together some of Canadas best wildlife experiences and promote them to our well travelled clientele.

Wildlife Holidays British Colombia

Even when you first arrive in Vancouver and drive towards the city, you can see visually that this is a green city, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and Coastal Mountains and that you are not going to have to go very far to witness some amazing wildlife encounters. Infact, just a short floatplane journey away, you can experience some of the best Canada bear watching holidays available and get a true feel, about what it is like to visit and live at one of the best Canadian wilderness lodges. These are the lodges, which during Autumn (late August to October) witness one of the greatest animal migrations on the planet. When millions of Pacific Salmon return to their spawning ground and provide a veritable feast for Orcas, Wolves, Bald Eagles, Black Bears, Spirit Bears and Grizzlies. If you choose to stay at a property like Grizzly Bear Lodge; you will have the chance to see both Orcas, Humpback Whales and huge Grizzly Bears, feasting at the famous Knight Inlet viewing stands. A Grizzly bear safari at Knight Inlet is one of the best places to photograph bear catching salmon and because of its popularity, it is often booked up to a year in advance. So, don’t delay in making an enquiry if this sounds like a perfect start to your Canada wildlife holiday.

Canada wildlife holidays in Manitoba

A quick read of some guide books might label this Province as the bread basket of Canada and its landscape rather dull and flat and not full of the Canadian wildlife that you are hoping to see. However, look a little bit closer and you will find some real wildlife viewing gems in Manitoba - that are definitely worth a visit. Most travellers arrive into the gentle paced capital of Winnipeg and from here you can start off easily with a self-drive wildlife safari to Riding Mountain national park. There are a couple of nice lodges and hotels to stay in and we have been lucky enough to see Black Bears, Bison and Wolf here during our visits.

Loop back to Winnipeg and then decide whether you want to take the train or flight to Churchill to view the Polar Bears. Both have their merits and if you don’t have a huge amount of time, then flights with Calm Air from Winnipeg to Churchill are the way to go. We have some of the most varied and best polar bear tours to Churchill on the market; as we have been lucky enough to travel there multiple times and also tried to find a way to create bespoke polar bear safaris and not just book with the two main dominant agents in town. With this approach we have been able to create two superb Canada wildlife holidays. The first is a bespoke peak season polar bear tour which is at least £1000 per person cheaper than the standard package tours and with a lot more variety of activities included. The second trip is an unbelievable opportunity to see black bears, grizzlies and polar bears all on the same spectacular 2 week Canada wildlife tour – check out our much loved ‘3 bears tour’ to British Colombia and Manitoba.

Canada wildlife tours to Nunavut

This was the province which intrigued us the most when we first visited Canada back in 2003. Most of the territory is located close to, or north of the Arctic circle. This is the fabled land of the Nanuk (Polar Bear), Beluga Whales, Walrus, Bowhead Whales and Narwhal. Nunavut polar bear tours are some of the most unique, emotional and rewarding wildlife tours you can do in Canada. Visitors must respect that the local Inuit still pursue a lifestyle where there is a small amount of subsistence hunting permitted. However, to take a small boat safari with the Inuit and see the Arctic wildlife through their eyes, is one of the most enriching wilderness experiences on our planet.

Canada wildlife safaris to Quebec

Where can you go in the world with a realistic expectation of seeing a Blue Whale, the largest animal that has ever existed on this planet? You may be surprised to learn that the answer is not somewhere in the Pacific, but rather Atlantic Canada, or more precisely Quebec’s St. Lawrence River. Besides the promise of the near mythical Blue Whale, there was also the prospect of seeing its only slightly smaller cousin the Fin Whale, as well as Beluga, Minke, Humpback, and Northern Right Whales to savour. Of course, Quebec has much more to offer the discerning visitor besides superb whale watching. It also boasts one of the largest Moose populations in Canada, and is home to the most southerly Caribou herd in North America, a remnant of a once mighty woodland caribou population that stretched all the way south to Carolina. Then there’s the incredible scenery, French Canadian history and culture, and wonderful cuisine.

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