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Botswana Safari - How to book a cheap Botswana Safari

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​How to get a cheap Botswana Safari!

​You love wildlife! You love Africa! You love a good deal! Is it possible to get a cheap Botswana Safari?

We love the the Swhaili meaning for the word safari which translates as ‘long journey’. It could be a journey between two villages, or a crossing of a desert; but the idea of a  long journey conjures up images of several days on a simple boat cruising one of the great rift lakes, or a slow overland journey through Central and Southern Africa. It certainly doesn’t bring to mind short fly-in safaris to $1000 a night lodges, where the clients can only manage two nights in each park, as they have an important business meetings back in London ot New York to attend! Don’t get be wrong, if you offer true tailor-made travel you need to me able to offer a variety of wildlife tours, including the more high end side of the market. However at Wildlife Trails we feel the longer you stay at a location, the better your connection and the more relaxed you become about everything, from wildlife sightings, to how your eggs are done in the morning. However, if your Botswana agents are charging you £500 per person a day to enjoy this experience, you may well find that a shorter safari is the only way.

So how can you get a cheap Botswana Safari? Do they even exist?

It sounds obvious, but take some time to really understand what you want from this wildlife experience. Are you prepared to enjoy/endure simple wild camping, with the setting up the camp and cleaning dishes - to ultimately enjoy some of the most amazing wildlife camps in Africa? If so, we can book you on amazing small group adventure, with like minded people that will provide you with a 2 week Botswana Safari for  around £2000 per person.

Do you want a cheap Botswana Safari but still have a private safari? No problem, we can book the vehicle for you, as well as the best camps (we need a bit of notice!) and you can enjoy 2 weeks of self-drive in Botswana for less than £2500 per person

Do you want the best of both worlds, with a mixture of mid-range lodges and a little wild camping for fun and maybe your own driver/guide? Then with our truely bespoke service we can bring both elements together and still keep the price at around £2500 per person

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking it is all about the lodges, because it really isn’t; that is just a marketing ploy put out by the lodges and their agents. At Wildlife Trails we would say its all about the wildlife and local people and how often to you get to meet the real locals on a luxury Botswana Safari?

Check out our cheap fantastic Botswana Safaris on our website.

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