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Best Borneo Rainforest Lodges to stay in, on your Borneo Holiday

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Best Borneo Rainforest Lodges to stay in when you take a Borneo Safari

​Best Borneo Rainforest Lodges - Many clients when planning their Borneo Tour want to build an itinerary around the best Borneo Rainforest Lodges; which because of their locations and reputation for good guides attract wildlife enthusiasts and photographers alike. One of the most famous Borneo Rainforest Lodges is called exactly that, the Borneo Rainforest Lodge, located in the beautiful and wildlife rich Danum Valley. Wildlife Trails first visited this lodge back in 2003, when James had just finished a 3 month conservation project on a threatened reef close to Sandakan, and was in a position to recce the lodge as part of a short Borneo Safari. As well as seeing his first Wild Orangutans and Probosis Monkeys, he raved about the quality of the guides, and the enjoyment he had taking daily walks on the tree top canopy and observing the many beautiful endemic birds. So we would recommend strongly you visit Borneo Rainforest Lodge as part of your Borneo Tour.

Probably the second most famous Borneo Rainforest Lodge is Sukau Rainforest Lodge located on the banks of the famous Kinabatagan River. A lot of the TV documentatries you will have seen about Borneo will feature some slightly sweaty celebrity cruising along this beautiful river, spotting both Orangutans and Probosis Monkeys, as they move through the forest; infact there are a total of 7 primate species than can be seen from the lodge. The main activity, not suprisingly, are early morning and afternoon river cruises, with some of the best guides in Borneo providing excellent interpretation of the resident wildlife - if you are very lucky, you may even see the shy Pygmy Elephants that are highly endangered; that would be the highlight of your Borneo Safari.

Another more simple, but well respected lodge is the Myne Resort also located on the banks of the Kinabatagan River and known for their river cruises; which seem to have a higher success rate of seeing the Pygmy Elephants than some of the other Borneo Rainforest Lodges. As well as this wonderful opportunity, they have a real mix of activities to suit all client’s interests; from visits to the famous Gomantong Caves, to Jungle Walks and even nightime boat cruises along the river; so you can glimpse the noctural wildlife as well. We have a very active tour including an ascent of Mount Kinabalu and a visit to the Myne Resort.

Our final choice of Borneo Rainforest Lodge gives you the slight ‘chance’ of seeing one of the most rare cats in Asia; the Clouded Leopard. Tabin Wildlife Resort is a beautifull designed jungle resort protecting an ‘island’ of biodiversity; sadly surrounded by oil plantations which dominate many parts of Borneo now. This wildlife and ‘people sanctuary’ provides great wildlife viewing, and camera traps located close to the lodge have taken regular photos of the endangered Clouded Leopard. Of course, the forest is very dense and these cats are mainly nocturnal, so seeing one will require a huge amount of luck. However for the ultimate Borneo Safari includes a visit to Tabin within your itinerary and finish off in one of the best Borneo rainforest lodges.

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