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Best time to visit Borneo for wildlife -Orangutans

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Best Time to Visit Borneo for wildlife?

People take a Borneo wildlife tour or Borneo safari for many different reasons, so we have to be very careful to generalise about the ‘Best time to visit Borneo for wildlife’.  What wildlife are you trying to see? What type of weather do you expect? How will the time of year affect your photography? Do you want to avoid the school holidays when the Borneo wildlife sanctuaries get very busy? By answering these questions based on personal experience of our own Borneo wildlife tours, we can effectively customise and micro-manage your Borneo wildlife tour and maximise your wildlife viewing in Borneo

Borneo Weather – what do expect

The key point to make here is that due to its location close to the equator, Borneo has a tropical climate and you can expect a heavy rain shower or thunder storm at any time. Add to this high levels of humidity and strong sunshine and it is important to be prepared mentally and physically; especially for more strenuous activities. Because of this type of weather in Borneo, it is important to not be too obsessed with visiting Borneo in the ‘dry season’; although this can be the best time to see some of the most famous Borneo wildlife; for example, Orangutans or Pygmy forest elephants.

So overall we would encourage visitors to Borneo to travel at most times of the years, with perhaps the exception of November, December and January, when the NE Monsoon brings the highest levels of rainfall for the year.

Best time to visit Borneo for Orangutans?

So now when we narrow down our wildlife viewing focus in Borneo and look at one particular species like the amazing Orangutan, we can look more at what is happening in their forest and feeding areas at particular times of the years and how that might increase their visibility and improve your chances of seeing Orangutans during your Borneo wildlife tour.

A good food source often results in shy wildlife overcoming their ‘fear’ of being seen; especially at relatively close quarters. So when certain species of trees start fruiting in Borneo during June the Orangutans quickly adapt their diet and behaviour to take advantage of this vital source of nourishment. This can result in closer sightings within the canopy of adult and juvenile Orangutans, as well as the occasional sighting of an Orangutan feeding on fruit which has fallen to the ground level. This can produce some amazing photographic opportunities for the visitor on their Borneo safari and these fruiting trees will continue into July.

So when you are next browsing through our bespoke Borneo wildlife safaris online, remember that for the Best time to see Orangutans in Borneo is from June until August – remembering that school holidays mean more visitors to Borneo’s world famous wildlife sanctuaries.

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