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Best India tiger safari - Ranthambhore No 1

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Best India tiger safari - Ranthambhore National Park

Many of our clients ask us 'which is the best tiger park to visit?' We have been lucky enough to visit nearly all of them in our 17 years of travelling to India and enjoyed some of the best tiger safaris in parks as diverse as Corbett, Bandhavgarh and Tadoba. However for us, and many of our clients, it is Ranthambhore which is the King of all tiger sanctuaries. It is not just the legendary wild tigers such as Machli, Bamboo Ram and Broken Tail which have enchanted us over the years. What really enthralls us is the sheer excitement of the drive towards the park in the cool early morning on your very first safari, a glimpse of the 10th century fort looking down over this wildlife paradise and the first alarm call of the day; which raises your heart beat a little and makes your eyes alert as a childs, as you hope you will be the first to spot this most beautiful of large cats.

Best India tiger safari

People talk about the best parks to see tigers and this often means the 'most reliable' parks to almost guarantee sightings; but for some clients it is not the number of tigers seen on a safari which defines a successful trip, but more the quality of the individual sighting or the overall wildlife ambiance in the park. Ranthambhore with its 3 large lakes and scattered ruined palaces,  provides a spectacular backdrop for photographers, birders and general wildlife enthusiasts alike. So from our experience this is a park that suits all wildlife lovers, not just the 'tiger centric' travellers. In addition, close by, there are some beautiful tribal villages, lakes and more arid farmlands, where the magnificent Blackbuck antelope can be viewed.

Best India wildlife lodges

Given its long history with tiger conservation and tourism, it is no surprise to learn that Ranthambhore probably has some of the best wildlife lodges and most diverse selection of wildlife properties in the country. Those with money burning a hole in their pockets can upgrade to the magnifcent Vanyavilas or Aman-i-Khas. However there are great mid-range options, such as Dev Vilas and Khem Vilas; as well as superbly run, friendly hotels with more of a resort feel, like the Ranthambhore Regency. Whichever you choose, by providing the best guides to accompany you on safari, we will ensure you enjoy the best tiger safari possible.

Best India wildllife tours

One of the very best parts of a tiger safari in Ranthambhore is how accessible it is from either Delhi or Mumbai. By taking relatively fast trains from Delhi, driving with a stopover in Jaipur or Ramathra Fort, or even flying from Mumbai to Jaipur and transferring 3 hours by car - you can literally arrive into India and be on safari in Ranthambhore first thing the next morning (if not the same afternoon). A tiger safari in Ranthambhore also combines incredibly well with a visit to superb Rajasthan cities, such as Jodhpur and Udaipur or a visit to Bharatpur bird sanctuary (Keoladeo Ghana), before finishing off your India wildlife tour with a sunrise tour of the Taj Mahal. Check out this wonderful combination of Ranthambhore and the historic Ramathra Fort or contact us for more details about our bespoke tiger safaris in India.

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