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Best game reserves to visit on your Botswana safari - Kwando and Linyanti No 3

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Botswana is famous for a number of smaller private wildlife reserves/concessions; which as well as having some of the best wildlife lodges in Botswana, also have an amazing density of predators and game, making for an exiting Bostwana wildlife tour.

Botswana safari in Kwando and Linyanti

The Kwando concession covers a huge 2320 square km of pretty wild bush; with the flood plains and riverine forest attracting a large number of game. It is here where several upmarket lodges have been built to provide visiting clients with the best Botwansa safari experience.

The Linyanti concession is smaller, about half the size of Kwando and has a similar habitat to Chobe riverfront; although in general the forest and bush seems to be in better condition.

Wildlife you can see in Kwando and Linyanti

Linyanti is famous for Lion and Spotted Hyena and Leopards can be the highlight of night drives, for which this area is famous. There are a large number of antelope species, including impala, kudu, reedbuck and steenbok; as well as giraffe, warthog, baboon and vervet monekys.

A Botswana safari in the Kwando concession will produce sightings of wilderbeest, zebra. giraffe, red lechwe, kudu, roan and sable. The common predators are lion, leopard and spotted hyena - cheetah are rarely seen.

Best time to visit Kwando and Linyanti

The Chobe and Linyanti rivers have the biggest affect on wildlife numbers in these two Botswana reserves; especially in the dry season, when large numbers of game congregate on their still lush banks. So for professional photographers and clients focused on predators, June to October is the best time of year to visit Botswana and the Kwando and Linyanti reserves.

Best Botswana wildlife lodges to visit in Kwando and Linyanti

It is fair to say that safari goers to Kwando and Linyanti are spolit for choice when it comes to deciding on the best wildlife lodge to stay in. These game rich concessions have attracted some of the best small, privately owned lodges and camp owners in the business. Our recommendations would be Linyanti bush camp owned by African Bush Camps and Lagoon, owned by Kwando safaris - infact we have clients just about to head out there this week to stay with both companies!

For more information on our superb Botswana safaris, including ones which visit both Kwando and Linyanti please visit our Botswana safari page.

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