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Bear viewing Canada - The Best Bits!

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Bear watching holidays in Canada

First we need to establish which bear species you hope to see during your bear safari in Canada. Is it Black Bears, Spirit Bears, Grizzly Bears, Brown Bears or Polar Bears? We then need to look at the seasonality of bear viewing in Canada and the best time to visit Canada for bears. Then finally, we focus in on the best places to see bears in Canada and how to get to them. Wildlife Trails prides itself on its first-hand knowledge of bear watching holidays in Canada and works closely with its clients to customize their Canada wildlife holiday to maximize their bear viewing and produce bear safaris which will live long in the memory.

Bear watching holidays in Bella Coola, Canada

For those of you looking for the ‘path less travelled’ and a more natural bear viewing tour in Canada then Bella Coola is the place to be. Surrounded by majestic mountain peaks with glaciers and with majestic rivers teaming with spawning salmon; this is one of the best places to see bears in North America. However Bella Coola is more than just a place to see brown bears, it is a town where some of the best Canadian wilderness lodges have set up some intimate and ground breaking bear viewing safaris. Not only do you get to drift down the river at eye level with the grizzly bears; you also head out into the beautiful forests and go walking with bears in their environment. We have visited this amazing community many times since our first stay in 2003 and have put together an Expert Guide on bear viewing in Bella Coola.

Grizzly Bear Lodge and Safari, Knight Inlet

A grizzly bear safari in Knight Inlet is one of the most famous bear viewing tours in Canada and certainly has the longest history of commercial tourism activities. Some wildlife lodges have exploited this opportunity more than others, but we prefer to work with the smaller family owned Knight Inlet lodges that provide our clients with a more intimate bear viewing experience. Grizzly Bear Lodge is one of the best Canadian wildlife lodges; where you have a chance to see the Big 3 – brown bears, black bears and Orcas. We also organize Knight Inlet bear viewing day tours from Vancouver Island – although this is to Knight Inlet estuary, not the viewing stands – which are accessed from Telegraph Cove in the north east of Vancouver Island. Read our Expert Guide on bear viewing at Knight Inlet.

Bear watching tours, Vancouver Island

Many visitors to Canada try to organize Vancouver Island bear tours and think that the island has a resident population of brown bears. Infact, there are no grizzly bears on Vancouver Island and the bear viewing tour operators here simply organize daily bear tours to inlets on the west coast of British Colombia. Most of these day bear tours on Vancouver Island include lunch, an expert guide and around 4-5 hours bear viewing after you have taken into account the transfer times. We regularly visit Vancouver Island as part of our Canada wildlife holidays and have put together an Expert Guide on bear watching tours Vancouver Island.

Tofino bear watching tours

Without having to worry about the competition from the much larger brown bears, black bears on Vancouver Island come into their own and are relatively easy to see using boat safaris on both coasts of Vancouver Island. However our clients find the black bear viewing boat trips out of Tofino particularly productive. These 2-3 hour bear tour focus on the inter-tidal areas between the forests and the shoreline, where black bears forage for crustaceans on the rocky shore. Check out our Personal Guide to black bear viewing in Tofino.

Spirit Bear Lodge – See the Spirit Bear or Kermode Bear in the Great Bear Rainforest.

One of the most unique and rewarding bear safaris you can do in the whole of Canada. Go with low expectations, as Spirit Bears are incredibly rare, and you are likely to see mainly brown and black bears during your stay at the Spirit Bear Lodge. However with a long stay, perseverance and a certain level of physicality – the best way to see Spirit Bears is walking around the Great Bear Rainforest – you might just spot this elusive of all bears. Based on our own visit to surely one of the best wilderness lodges in Canada, we have put together our own Personal Guide to staying at the Spirit Bear Lodge.

Churchill, Canada, Polar Bear tours

Not all wildlife enthusiasts planning a polar bear tour to Churchill understand the seasonality of the short polar bear viewing season and the very different types of polar bear safaris available to them. Having visited in both the low and high season, we have put together our Expert Guide on polar bear tours to Churchill, Canada.

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