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Antarctic Cruise - How to get a good deal!

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​Is it possible to get a good deal on an Antarctic Cruise - probably the most expensive wildlife destination in the world?

​So you have taken that classic tiger safari in india (tick), then photographed mating Jaguars in the Pantanal on your Jagaur Safari (tick) and seen the big 5 in Botswana (tick). One by one those wildlife ambitions are crossed off the list. However there is an elephant in the room that cannot be discussed - an Antarctic Cruise! The beautiful natural history programs showing Antarctica in all its glory mezmerize us, but one thing they don’t show is the ‘price tag’. After you take into account the long international flights to reach the southern trip of South America and the voyage itself, you will not have much change out of £10,000 ($15,000). So how can we try to get you a cheaper price?

  • Contact your preferred tour operator and inform them well in advance that an Antarctic Cruise is on your wishlist. The tour operator can then look out for discounts from the various specialist cruise companies they work with. The expedition cruise market has been hit hard by this long reccession and in the last 3 years we have regularly seen discounts of 10-20% on Antarctic Tours; although sometimes you need to travel fairly last minute to take advantage of them.
  • Be flexible with your choice of voyage and dates otherwise you are limiting your chance of a price reduction.
  • Inform your tour operator that you are happy to share (really important for single clients who page a HUGE supplement!) - with a triple or quad cabin, this can add up to a large saving and you can make new friends.

Don’t give up on your dream to take an Antarctic Cruise, because eveyone who returns from this voyage are overwhelmed by the experience. Start planning now and be ready to take advantage of the discounts which will inevitably come.

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