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Alaska wildlife tour - Why do photographers rate this Grizzly Bear safari so highly?

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Alaska grizzly bear viewing - A blog about why Alaska is known as the ultimate location to photograph Grizzly Bears.

​An Alaska wildlife tour is still seen by many wildlife enthusiasts and photographers as the ultimate wildlife and wilderness experience. This great untamed state, detached from the rest of the US due to its history and far north location, has always attracted adventurers and opportunists, and some of these people settled in the area and started small intimate lodges or camps located far from cities; in pristine wilderness areas. Many of these early settlers were self sufficient and specialised in hunting and fishing, but as time moved on there was a realisation that people would come and pay to see and photograph the incredible wildlife on display.

Such is the fame of locations such as Brooks Falls and Katmai National Park, many of our clients contact us to find out about our Alaska wildlife tours and whether the bear viewing experience here is better/different than in Canada. Apart from the fact that the main salmon runs tend to be earlier in the year (July/Aug) than in Canada (Aug/Sep) there are other major differences that make Alaska the best location to photograph bears.

  • The best lodges conduct their bear viewing near rivers and estuaries where the salmon is still running strong, as apposed to mainly dying salmon seen at locations like Knight Inlet in Canada. So the behaviour of the bears tends to be more explosive; as they chase and catch the salmon in the shallow water or chase other bears off their patch.
  • Only a very small number of boats or lodges are allowed access in Katmai National Park, keeping the bear viewing experience very intimate; with a low client to guide ratio
  • Many of the guides have 20+ years of experience - I guess it is hard to leave such a beautiful place with such amazing marine and terrestrial wildlife.
  • You have the opportunity to ‘walk with grizzly bears’ with an experienced guide who fully understands bear behaviour; there is no raised viewing platform or barrier between you and the bears - you are amongst them.

We have been organising Alaska Tours since 2007 and can combine a grizzly bear safari in Brooks or a grizzly bear in Katmai National Park, with additional wildlife experiences; such as a visit to Denali National Park to view both species of bear and wolf, whale watching off the Kenai Pennisula and fly-in bear tours to Kodiak Island to see the largest brown bears in the world. You can also head south to Junneau or Petersburg for a chance to photograph Humpback Whales bubble netting. Join Wildlife Trails on one of our bespoke Alaska wildlife tours and see what all the fuss is about!

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