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Alaska wildlife tour - The glory of Katmai and its Grizzly Bears

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Alaska wildlife tours would not be complete without a visit to the world famous Katmai national park. Take a spectacular floatplane journey from Kodiak and land at a remote wilderness lodge. Be prepared for up close and personal encounters with grizzly bears.

Our Alaska wildlife tours showcase a wide variety of wilderness locations where wildlife lovers can view some of the most amazing terrestrial and marine wildlife in this huge state. However is is clear from the many client testmonials we receive that one location and one lodge reguarly appears on the top of the list. We would urge every visitor to Alaska to try and make time to visit the fabulous Katmai wilderness lodge and see why it is rated as one of the best wildlife experiences in the world.

To reach Katmai wilderness lodge you travel by floatplane across Shelikof Strait from Kodiak. The lodge offers surprising home comforts in the wildest of places, where the only neighbours you meet out walking are bears. After settling into your warm and cozy simple cabin, complete with en-suite bathroom, and enjoying a hearty lunch, it will be time for the main event; possibly your first encounter with an Alaskan Brown Bear (Alaskans refer to coastal bears as Brown Bears, and inland or mountain bears as Grizzlies). You will travel from the lodge by a small covered 'skiff' to various remote inlet and bays in search of bears. On the way you may encounter sea otters, whales and playful red foxes. Since this is the only permanent lodge permitted in the area, you can rest assured that your small group (maximum of 12 people) will rarely be disturbed.

When bears are spotted your expert guide will land the boat and set up the group at a safe distance for viewing and photography and allow you to immerse yourself in this once in a lifetime experience. Watch the brown bears chasing salmon which have just arrived at the river mouths, or using their huge paws to dig out clams. Sometimes male bears will come too close to each other, which normally results in posturing and other dominant types of behaviour to force the smaller or less aggressive bear to move away from the much prized territory.

So if you are after the ultimate bear safari in North America why not contact us here at Wildlife Trails and let us design an Alaska wildlife tour which will live long in the memmory.

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