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5 reasons why October is the best time for a Jaguar safari in Brazil

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5 reasons why October is the best time for a Jaguar safari in Brazil

(1)    It’s very hot and dusty! Hold on; that doesn’t sound like a good reason to book my jaguar safari in October? Well actually it’s not that hot – usually mid 30’s Celsius is the maximum – and as your boat speeds up on the picturesque Cuiaba River in the northern Pantanal, you will enjoy a cooling wind and experience none of the high humidity which can make jaguar viewing uncomfortable in countries like Belize and Guyana. The reason why we are visiting the Pantanal in October, is this is the best time to see jaguars in Brazil. The lack of rain causes river levels to fall and expose more of the sandy river banks. These water loving big cats enjoy being as close to the water as possible – especially when it is hot - so nearly all your sightings will be of individuals or mating couples relaxing under the riverine forests, or out in the open on a sandy bank; always within access to a cooling dip or even initiating a classic jaguar attack using the water as camouflage.

(2)    You avoid some of the big Brazilian national holidays by travelling in October and have a much better chance of obtaining a reasonable international flight fare to cities such as Sao Paulo and Rio. As we all know, the cost of long haul flights peak in July and August; so, by delaying your jaguar safari in Brazil until October, you are likely to save several hundreds of pounds on the cost of your flight.

(3)    Although our small group jaguar safari in the Pantanal is designed to maximise the number of jaguar encounters, we also benefit from travelling in October for viewing other rare Brazilian wildlife; including species like Ocelot, Giant Anteaters and Tapir. We include 2 nights at the famous Pouso Alegre lodge; a firm favourite with our clients and certainly a place where wildlife sightings heat up during the month of October. You will ‘enjoy’ very early morning safaris and dusk/night-time drives looking for Giant Anteaters and Tapir. The drier habitat of the northern section of the Transpantaneira road tends to produce more small cat sightings, such as the beautifully marked Ocelot. A Brazil wildlife holiday in the month of October will produce a rich and varied safari, with the chance to see many different species of mammals and birds.

(4)    October is a great time to add some easy connections to some of the famous destinations in Brazil. It is spring time in Rio, so why not spend a couple of days in this vibrant city and then head further down the east coast and enjoy a relaxing beach stay. Or you could head up to north east Brazil and experience a completely different culture and climate; where the food is much spicier and the beaches are some of the most beautiful in the entire country.

(5)    Did you know it is possible to see Jaguars and Pumas on the same trip? Now although you could be lucky and catch a glimpse of one in the Pantanal – the territories of these two big cats of South America do overlap. It is more likely to happen if you add on an extension to Torres del Paine in Chile and visit this amazing region during spring. At this time of year there is a lot more light during the day and you will increase the length and quality of your puma encounters. Check out our Puma wildlife tour of Chile here.

So why not join us on an amazing jaguar safari to Brazil this October. This trip was priced with USD at a rate of 1.45/GBP and therefore represents incredible value for a trip which covers the key wildlife areas of the Pantanal and includes no less than six full days of boat safaris on the Cuiaba River; the best place in the world to view Jaguars. To book the trip follow this link to our small group jaguar safari in the Pantanal.

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