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Arctic Safari - Life on the Edge in Nunavut, Canada

9 days from £8975*

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Our recce to the Floe Edge in Arctic Bay is around £2000pp cheaper than most other companies and offers one more day by the Floe Edge. Group size of only 8.

The Floe Edge in the Canadian Arctic, is truly remarkable environment, where each year over a small 3-4 week period, we have a chance to see some species which are normally found far out in the Arctic Ocean. At this time of year, we have the migration of both Walrus and Beluga Whales, so these are two of the species we will be looking for. Taking the lead from our local Inuit Guides we follow the floe edge for days of discovery, possible narwhal watching and the chance to see a variety of sea birds, polar bears, seals and possibly beluga and bowhead whales. Since we will experience close to 24 hours of sun at this time of year; there will be long full days looking to find and photographic animals perfectly adapted to survive in this challenging environment


This is a Small Group Tour

  1. June 9

    Arrive into Ottawa and take a taxi to a mid-range hotel. Meet your tour leader and fellow travellers.

  2. June 10

    Your Arctic safari adventure starts with a spectacular scheduled flight into Arctic Bay, Nunavut. The third most northerly community in Canada. Overnight at a simple local hotel

  3. June 11

    After breakfast we enjoy a spectacular 4 hour journey by snow mobile to our expedition style tented camp, located at the Floe Edge

  4. June 12-16

    Five spectacular days searching along the Floe edge for Canadian wildlife, such as polar bears, narwhal, beluga whales, walrus, seals and arctic birds.

  5. June 17

    After an exhilarating time at the Floe edge, we return by Skidoo to the community of Arctic Bay and overnight at a simple hotel.

  6. June 18

    Connect with a schedule flight back to Ottawa and overnight again at a mid-range hotel.

  7. June 19

    Take a taxi back to Ottawa airport to connect with your onward international flight.


Cost £8975 per person; based on two people travelling and sharing a room throughout. Cost does not include international flights.

Breakfast included in Ottawa and all meals included in Arctic Bay.

​Loyalty discounts do not apply on this recce trip!

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* Based on 2 persons and not including flights

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