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Arctic Expedition around Spitsbergen

11 days from £5180* 2 reviews

Arctic cruise Spitsbergen polar bear mother and cubs photograph

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​Arctic Cruise on a 100 passenger expedition vessel: The classic ‘around Spitsbergen Cruise’ time and again out performs Greenland and Canadian Arctic cruises when it comes to wildlife sightings; in particular Polar Bear encounters. Whether this is a result of reduced hunting pressure compared to the other countries or natural population densities being more robust in Spitsbergen is open to debate. However if you want a genuine full on wildlife cruise, where they wake you up at 04:00AM to see a Polar Bear and her cubs; then this is the Arctic Cruise for you.



This is a Small Group Tour

  1. 1

    Arrive in Longyearbyen and overnight at the Radisson Hotel.

  2. 2

    Morning free to explore this remote High Arctic town before late departure out of Isfjorden in your ice strengthened expedition vessel.

  3. 3

    Morning in Krossfjorden, where we take to the Zodiacs for an exhilarating cruise along the sculpted front of the 14th of July Glacier. On the surprisingly green slopes near the glacier, a colourful variety of flowers bloom, while large numbers of Kittiwakes and Brünnich’s Guillemots nest on the nearby cliffs

  4. 4

    Near the mouth of Liefdefjorden, we will go ashore for a walk on the tundra island of Andøya. Many common eiders and pink-footed geese nest here, and the more rare king eider may also be seen. Sailing into Liefdefjorden, we will cruise near the face of the impressive Monaco Glacier

  5. 5

    Reach 81 degrees north, just 540 miles from the geographic North Pole. Polar Bear inhabit this region, along with Ivory Gull

  6. 6

    We will visit Laagöya today, a low island with a big lagoon where a big herd of walrus tends to congregate. Sabine’s gulls nest on the island, as well. At Sorg Fjord we may find another herd of walruses not far from the graves of 17th century whalers. On a nature walk, we may encounter families of ptarmigans.

  7. 7

    Sail into Hinlopen Strait, home to Bearded Seal, Ringed Seal, Polar Bear, and Ivory Gull

  8. 8

    In Freemansundet we plan to land at Sundneset on the island of Barentsøya to visit an old trapper’s hut and then take a brisk walk across the tundra in search of Spitsbergen Reindeer and Barnacle Geese. Later we cruise south to Diskobukta on the west side of Edgeøya. After a Zodiac cruise through the shallow bay, we land on a beach littered with whale bones and tree trunks, which have drifted here from Siberia. We can also climb to the rim of a narrow gully which is inhabited by thousands of Kittiwakes, together with Black Guillemots and piratical Glaucous Gulls. During the breeding season, the base of the cliffs is patrolled by Arctic Foxes and Polar Bears, especially females with young cubs, searching for young birds that have fallen from the nesting ledges.

  9. 9

    Explore the spectacular Hornsund area of southern Spitsbergen, with 14 glaciers and excellent chances for Seals and Polar Bears

  10. 10

    Today we land on Ahlstrandhalvøya at the mouth of Van Keulenfjorden. Here piles of Beluga
    skeletons (the Beluga is a small white whale), the remains of 19th century slaughter, are yet another
    reminder of the consequences of thoughtless exploitation. Fortunately, Belugas were not hunted to the edge of extinction and may still be seen locally. Indeed, there is a good chance that we will come across a pod

  11. 11

    Disembark in Longyearbyen, the administrative centre of Spitsbergen, for the flights south to Oslo and onward


Cost is £5180 per person based on two people sharing a twin/double cabin throughout and not including international flights.

Contact Wildlife Trails for a detailed itinerary of your Arctic Cruise.

Best price for a quad cabin is £3590 per person. Triple share cabin is £4450 per person

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* Based on 2 persons and not including flights

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