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Arctic Accommodation

Cabins on ice-strenghtened expedition cruises to Spitsbergen and Greenland are fairly self explantory. The standard 2-berth cabins are pretty small, with the port holes letting in the minimum of light neccessary for your room - not a bad idea in the summer, when you have almost continous daylight! There is a small ensuite bathroom and either two seperate twin/double beds or a bunkbed for those rooms split into 3/4 person configerations. You pay more money for the same size cabin with windows and a lot more money for a larger cabin on a higher deck; sometimes called a suite, but that is possibly an exaggeration by the companies selling arctic cruises.

The little privately owned lodges or Inuit owned hotels we book in locations such as Qikitarjuaq, Igloolik and Repulse Bay are a lot more interesting in their make up. Some are fairly rustic houses with a wooden shell raised above the permafrost and seperate bedrooms with shared bathrooms. Others are fairly non descript goverment hotels with sparce rooms with ensuite bathrooms and a good heating system to keep you warm at night as the temperature plunges. We even had clients staying in airstream trailers, shipped into the southern tip of Baffin Island as a rather unique place to stay as you search for the elusive Nanuk as part of your Arctic cruise.

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