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Arctic cruises with Wildlife Trails explore the stunning scenery aound the Arctic circle and take you to remote locations around the globe, where some of the most iconic and magnificent wildlife on this planet survive and infact thrive in extreme conditions. Take advantage of the milder Arctic summer (June to September) and join an expedition vessel from Spitsbergen, Canada or Greenland; as we search for polar wildlife such as Walrus, Belugas, Narwhal Reindeer, Arctic Fox, Muskox and of course the magnificent Polar Bear.

We have personally taken these Arctic cruises, so can provide you with firsthand knowledge on the layout of the boats, routes taken, wildlife likely to be seen and the quality of the guides accompanying you in the Zodiacs and on shore, as you look for a wide variety of both terrrestrial and marine wildlife within the Arctic circle.

Clients attempting an Arctic expedition for the first time have lots of questions, such as level of fitness needed, sea conditions, how cold the temperatures are and how close they will get to the wildlife. We are here to answer all those questions for you and make sure that you have the best possible Arctic cruise experience and the chance to see Polar Bears hunting in their natural environment.

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