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Antarctic Cruise to the Peninsula

10 days from £5490*

Antarctic cruise and expedition leopard seal photograph

Leopard Seal

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Antarctic Cruise - The Peninsula offers the most dramatic scenery and biggest variety of wildlife in Antarctica. Visitors are easily overcome by sensory overload by the huge amount of ice-bergs, glaciers, high mountains and the abundant and tame wildlife. In the southern summer the large ice-free areas at the peninsula’s north-west coast provide breeding grounds for large numbers of seabirds such as petrels, skuas and four species of penguins. On beaches and ice-flows you will encounter, Fur Seals, Crabeater Seals, ferocious Leopard Seals and friendly Weddell Seals. In the waters around the Peninsula Fin Whales, Humpback Whales, Minke Whales and Killer Whales are common.


This is a Small Group Tour

  1. Feb 7

    Depart from Ushuaia and sail down the famous Beagle Channel

  2. Feb 8&9

    Two days at sea with the chance to see 4 species of Albatross, Blue Petrels and your first icebergs!

  3. Feb 10-13

    Four days exploring the Antarctic Peninsula and its spectacular wildlife

  4. Feb 14&15

    Two days spotting amazing seabirds as you head back to Ushuaia

  5. Feb 16

    Arrive in the morning in Ushuaia and disembark.


​£5490 per person based on you sharing a quad cabin, Cost does not include international flights or pre-trip accommodation in Ushuaia.

​Please contact us for pricing of other cabin options. Previous Wildlife Trails clients entitled to a 5% discount.

Other dates available in the year.

All meals provided on your 100 passenger ice-strengthened Expedition Vessel.

Contact Wildlife Trails for a detailed itinerary and departure dates

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* Based on 2 persons and not including flights

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