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Best Time For Wildlife in Antarctic

Antarctic Cruise Departures

Due to the extreme fluctuations in temperatures in Antarctica, the actual season when passengers are able to visit the 7th continent is very short, with most companies operating their antarctic cruises from November to February each season. Which departure date you take will have an effect on the type of wildlife you are likely to see at the different locations and their behaviour. For example, those clients departing on the earlier voyages in November will have a better chance to see nesting penguins, shags and other sea birds. From early December to January, the snow retreats more and on the exposed rocky colonies, we can witness thousands of Penguins feeding their babies, as they preapre them for the harsh winter ahead. From mid-February the Whales return to feed and some of the Penguin young are now fledged and getting ready to enter the food rich oceans. Whatever your ambitions for your Antarctic cruise, give us a call and we will pick the best boat and departure for you.

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