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Antarctic Accommodation

​An honest assessment of cabins on antarctic cruises, is that they are built for pratical purposes, rather than comfort. That is not to say that you will be uncomfortable in your small cabin, with ensuite bathroom and tiny portholes letting in the minimum level of light; rather, that there is not much room to invite friends around for an impromptu party. Yes, you can upgrade to a cabin with windows (more heat loss!) or some exclusive suite near the captains quarters; but in the end a cabin is a cabin and most of the time during the day you will 'live' in the much more spacious and warm lounge area, with its access to power sockets for down loading pictures, large windows for whale observation and endless cups of warm tea or coffee provided by the charming staff.

Perhaps the bigger question is to do with the size of the boat itself and whether you will feel comfortable sharing a boat with a 100 other passngers? Compared to the 'Gin Palaces' or large cruise ships which sail the Scandanavian Fjords, this is still a relatively small boat designed to maximise you wildlife experience in beautiful wilderness areas . In addition, when we have sailed on these vessels, we have been surprised how often there are only a hardcore of 20-30 passengers regularly out on the deck 'scouring' the oceans for mammals and birds, along with the expert guides; so it may not be as crowded as you expect on your Antarctic cruise.

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