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Antarctic cruise to the magical seventh continent. A chance for you to experience one of the most remote and wildlife rich locations in the world. Wildlife Trails has researched in great detail the various Antarctic expedition vessels who travel to the continent between November and February each year, as well as other unique Antarctic voyages or fly/cruise combinations; which will be the best fit for your time available and budget. So if you want to avoid crossing the drake passage, we can fly you over to the Antarctic peninsula. Or if you want to visit the Falkland  Islands and South Georgia, as part of your Antarctic cruise, we can do that as well. Some clients may want to focus on a particular species, such as Emperor Penguins; we have a cruise just for you, which uses onboard helicopters to fly you out to Snow Hill Island, where you can spend hours with thousands of Emperor Penguins. Which ever Antarctic cruise you are keen to take, we can provide you with expert advice and a healthy discount if you are a returning client.

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