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Alaska Park Profiles

Best grizzly bear safaris in Alaska

Grizzly bear tours in Katmai National Park

Surely the ultimate location for a grizzly bear safari North America? Where else can curious 400kg Brown Bears approach within metres of you and your expert unarmed guide, as you walk in the 'footsteps of giants' within the magnificent scenery of Katmai National Park. Bear viewing does not get any better than this, as you observe adult males sprinting after the still vigerous salmon, who have just entered the sheltered estauries from the Pacific Ocean. Some operators choose the rather basic livaboard options to visit Katmai; but why rough it when you can stay in one of the top wildlife lodges in North America? Join Wildlife Trails on a Alaska Tour to Katmai Wilderness Lodge, where we enjoy special early booking discounts and where our clients never want to leave - if the weather changes, you may get your wish!

Alaska wildlife tour including Brooks Falls

Probably the most famous Grizzly Bear viewing location in Alaska and a place which many of us will have viewed for the first time on one of the many classic wildlife documentaries filmed here. It is just the sheer number of bears which visit the falls for the 'salmon feast' which astounds visitors. There are many fly-in options possible from both Anchorage and Homer to visit the iconic falls as a day trip, but ideally a few nights at the famous Brooks Lodge should be pre-booked to allow for multiple visits to the falls (only 1 hours viewing permiting during peak season!) and additonal tours, such as the Valley of 10,000 smokes. Bear in mind that many keen photographers and wildlife enthusiasts will book out the lodge up to a year and a half in advance, so July visits here require early booking. Join Wildlife Trails on a Alaska Tour to Brooks Falls on our 7 day tour.

Alaska wildlife safari visiting Denali National Park

We will start with a negative and state, 'why oh why do the Park Authorities not grant a licence/concession to a genuine safari operator within the park?' Instead they rely on uncomfortable school buses to transfer wildlife enthusiasts within the wildlife rich interior, to view amazing wildlife such as Brown Bears, Black Bears, Moose, Deer and even Wolf from a cumbersome vehicle not suited to either photography or the rougher sections of the park roads; it makes no sense. That said, for the wildlife enthusiasts looking to view more than just bears during their Alaska Tour and to get a glimpse of the magnificent snow capped peak of Mount McKinley; this is a must visit location. Add to that the chance to take the iconic 'Denali Star' train from Anchorage and enjoy a more civilised approach to the park, followed by the chance to 'fly around' the huge North Face of McKinley as part of a private small plane scenic flight and you have an unforgettable section of your Alaska Tour ready to book. Join Wildlife Trails on our Alaskan stunning tour of both Denali, the Kenai Peninsula and Brooks Falls.

Grizzly bear viewing at Juneau and Pack Creek

Alaska is rightly famed for the richness of its waters, which attract large whale species such as Humpbacks to its shores to feed. One of their renown feeding methods is bubble netting and taking multiple half-day whale watching tours from Juneau will give you a geunine chance to see see amazing behaviour. As well as the possibly to see Humpbacks, Dolphins and Orcas, it is also possible to take a fly-in tour from Juneau to Pack Creek National Park, which has one of the densesy populations of Grizzly Bears in Alaska. On arrival at the park you will be shown given an orientation briefing, including rules and important information to be followed while visiting Pack Creek. You can then visit multiple sights to enjoy viewing the bears before takign your floatplane ride back to Juneau. Join Wildlife Trails on a Alaska Tour; cheap Whale and Bear safari out of Juneau.

Grizzly bear safaris and whale watching on the Kenai Peninsula

For those clients who like to slow the pace down a little and include a self-drive in their holiday plans then one of the best possible options in Alaska - especially from a wildlife point of view - is to include a drive from Anchorage all the way south to Homer along the Kenai Peninsula. As well as passing through the famous whale watching towns of Whittier and Seward (Don't worry; Wildlife Trails avoids the large boat operators servicing the cruise ship market!), you end up in quirky Homer, with options for fly-in bear tours to Brooks Falls or Katmai. For the more adventerous you can even connect with the Alaskan Ferry Service to Kodiak and explore another beautiful part of Alaska. Check out our Alaskan Tour to Kenai.

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