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Alaska – Just Bears

Alaska photography tour led by Trai Anfield, visiting Katmai and Kodiak Island

8 days from £4990*

10% discount on our Ultimate bear safari in Alaska, led by award-winning photographer, Trai Anfield - just 2 spaces left! You have the chance to photograph both Kodiak - home to the worlds largest grizzly bears - and .Katmai's coastal brown bears. Take a spectacular floatplane journey from Kodiak to Katmai Wilderness Lodges and 'walk' with the bears of the Katmai National Park. The lodge is booked out in 2019 for the prime bear viewing dates, so book soon to avoid disappointment!

Polar bear tour to Alaska

7 days from £3450*

Polar bear tour to the vast Arctic National wildlife refuge, home to a large numbers of polar bears, caribou, icebergs and stunning northern light displays at the nights close in.

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