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Got your own ideas? Add on Beach, Culture, City, Trek… Find out about our Bespoke Wildlife Tours.

Tailor-Made Wildlife Tours

Tailor-made travel is all about the client: what do they really want from the trip, when do they want to travel, which parks do they want to visit, do they want to include some cultural tours or relaxation, what type of accommodation would they like to stay in, and what is their budget? We can only answer all these questions by spending quality time in dialogue with our clients on the phone, by email or post…..lots of time! Yes it is very labour intensive, but it means that our clients arrive in countries well informed, and start trips that they have helped design; trips that they really want.

The term tailor-made travel is seen on nearly every travel site these days, reminding us of the bad old days when all companies were trying to ‘green wash’ their products and services without the neccessary credentials. For many travel companies this is simply a marketing tool without any real substance behind the statement. We would encourage travellers to dig a little deeper and discover for themselves the level of bespoke service that these companies are able to offer.

If your choice of destination is not on our website, send us an email and we will look at the possibility of organising a cut price tour for you; as reward for reccing a new destination for Wildlife Trails - this could be an opportunity of a lifetime, so don’t be shy!

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