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Local Guides

Wildlife Trails take the issue of local guides to a whole new level; using their services for managing tours, taking our clients off the beaten track, mentoring up and coming guides, and running our local village charity projects - they are our Generals in the field and often form long lasting friendships with our clients. We see these guides as equals and know that this partnership allows Wildlife Trails to provide tours that give a more powerful insight into the local community and its resident wildlife, as well as helping our clients to understand the conservation and social issues facing these wilderness areas. We don’t want our clients shielded from the politics and problems facing wildlife sanctuaries around the world; we want and need guides who can freely engage in conversation with our clients about these substantial issues and help promote sustainable conservation around the world.

Dealing directly with local guides and local companies produces a direct financial saving for our clients, as there is no large ground handler in the middle adding their margin. We choose to pass this saving on in full to our clients, knowing full well that wildlife tours around the world are perceived as expensive and beyond the reach of many independent travellers - we want to change that perception and engage with a wider variety of customers from different social backgrounds. We truely believe that the more people who visit these areas and who are chaperoned by the best local guides; the more they will return with a deeper understanding of the destination and be empowered to help in saving these precious wilderness areas for future generations.

Several of our local guides have received rewards for their outstanding dedication to their profession, one of the most recent examples is our good friend and main guide for Ranthambhore National Park, Mr Vipul Jain; who recently was named TOFT Wildlife Guide of the year (http://www.toftigers.org/TOFTAwards/Winners2012.aspx) - the owner of Wildlife Trails, Allan Blanchard, first met Vipul back in 1997 during a 3 month recce to India, and has utilised his unique services for all our clients visiting Ranthambhore since our company was started in 1999.

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