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Best Time For Wildlife in Rwanda

Rwanda Climate

Rwanda does not have a rainy season as such and it is possible to go Gorilla Trekking any month of the year. There is always a risk of a heavy shower after a day of hot temperatures, but these often come in the later afternoon or evening and have little impact on visibility of wildlife or your activities. The 'wetter' months are April/May and October/November, so if you are intending on a lot of vehicle travel on unsealed roads, then you might want to avoid these months. It can actually get quite cool in the Parc des Volcans due the higher elevation, so expect to wear warm trousers and fleeces in the evening as you warm yourself around an outside fire. We will provide all our clients taking a Rwanda tour with specific, first hand advice from our regular trips to the region; these are called our Traveller Tips and talk in depth about the climate in Rwanda and what clothes and equipment to take..

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