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Rwanda tours are not just about the signature Gorilla safari in Parc de Volcans. Although gorilla trekking for silverback mountain gorillas with beautiful volcanoes as a backdrop, is one of the top 10 wildlife experiences in the world; it is not the only encounter in Rwanda that will make your hairs stand on end. Our Rwanda wildife tours also take you to the much less visitered wildlife parks of Akagera national park and Nyungwe forest reserve, which also provide some very special wildlife encounters.

In the primal forest of Nyungwe you can see an astonishing 13 primates, including large troops of chimpanzees which you can trek and the very beautiful and rare Ruwenzori Colobus. Nyungwe is the best birding site in Rwanda with an incredible list of 280 for such a small forest, 26 of which are regional endemics. One of the most spectacular and visible birds is the great Blue Turaco, which you can see gliding betwen trees near the main entance road; as part of your Rwanda tour.

Akagera like some of the similar savannah parks in Uganda is very much a work in progress, as it recovered from both poaching and human pressures caused by returning refugees and illegal fishing camps. In 2010 a joint agreement was signed by the Rwandan goverment and African Parks to create the Akagera mangement company (ANC). This is a very encouraging sign for the future of Akagera and its wildlife and has alrready resulted in a reduction in illegal activities and an increase in wildlife populations. The ANC has ambitous plans for the re-intorduction of both Lions and Rhino. So your Rwanda tour to Akagera in 2014 and beyond may lead to some very exciting wildlife tours.

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