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Where to see Wild Elephants in India and the best time of year?


India wildlife: Where to see Wild Elephants in India and the best time of year?

There are just a few national parks in India which retain viable populations of wild elephants. As with elephants all over the world, these majestic animals used to follow traditional migraton routes over hundreds of miles, based on a memorised annual cycle to exploit the best areas for food and water. With the influence of modern man cutting off the elephants from these vital migration routes, they have been forced to adapt to life in smaller and smaller spaces, with the resulting human/elephant conflict that arises when they stray from the sanctuaries into cultivated lands. On our India wildlife tours we visit the few remaining national parks such as Corbett, Kaziranga and Periyar, which are still home to substantial elephant populations.

Where to find Wild Elephants in India?

Although there are several smaller parks in India such as Jaldapara in north east India which have wild elephant populations, most visitors to India visit the Big 3 sanctuaries in India for a chance to see the second largest land mammal in the world. Probably the most authentic experience can be found at either Corbett tiger sanctuary or Kaziranga, where elephant safaris on domesticated elephants allow you to view their wild cousins.

Best national parks to see Asian Elephants?

We would advise clients to visits either Kaziranga in Assam or Corbett in Uttarakhand on their India willdife tour to see Asian elephants in their last strongholds in India. These two parks offer constrasting experiences, with the elephants in Corbett coming down from the hills to cross the famous Ramganga river and the herds in Kaziranga congregating around the many large lakes which dot this world heritage site.

Best time of year to see Wild Elephants?

In Corbett tiger sanctuary you should visit from March onwards as the hotter temperatures bring the elephant herds down from the hills - where water is scarce - to the beautiful Ramnagaga river, where the elpehant families will enjoy bathing, drinking and playing together, before moving back into the forests, One of the great experiences of Corbett national park is to be crossing this river on your domesticated elephant, as wild herds either side of you come down to drink - Magical!

What do Asian Elephants eat?

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