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Tiger Safari India

5% OFF for our website India tiger safaris if you book before December 31st 2018. We have the most diverse and interesting selection of India Wildlife Holidays and India tiger safaris on the market. Scroll down to our tour headings below to choose an India wildlife tour which best suits your own personal aspirations.

You will not find standard 'identikit' India tiger safaris and wildlife tours amongst our custom and tailor-made trips, as we believe in offering our discerning clients unique and exciting India wildlife tours, designed out of a deep love and respect for this country and based on more than 20 personal trips to India in the last 19 years. India is such a diverse and fascinating country that there really is something for everyone to enjoy. We have partnered with some of the best Indian Wildlife Lodges and local agents in the country, so we can hand craft each tiger safari in India with precision and attention to detail.

Best places to see tigers in India

​We have visted all of India's best tiger sanctuaries and can speak with authority about the best places to see tigers in the wild. However seeing tigers in the wild is more than just choosing a national park which offers you a greater chance of seeing this beautiful big cat. It is about understanding what type of wildlife experience you will have in each wildlife sanctuary and whether that will meet your aspirations. From our regular visits to India we have put together Expert guides on Ranthambhore National Park, Kanha National Park, Tadoba National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, Corbett National Park and Pench National Park.

When is the best time of year to see tigers in India?

​It seems a simple question but actually the answer is more complicated than it first appears. Do you want the best light to photograph tigers in India? In which case you need to travel to India during their winter (Nov - Feb), or do you want to see as many tigers as possible and observe their daily behaviour? In which case, you need to delay your tiger safari in India until their summer (April - June); when searing hot temperatures and a reduction in available water resources allow Indian wildlife photographers to follow the daily struggle for life amongst famous tiger families. If you have not travelled to India every month of the year, how could you possibly give accurate advice. We have put together our own personal thoughts on the best time of year to see tigers in India

Stories from India's Jungles about our favourite wildlife

We have followed and photographed India's iconic wildlife for 20 years and have created special factsheets and personal accounts about the Bengal Tiger, Asian Elephant, Red Panda, Indian Wild Dog, Indian One Horned Rhino, and Asiatic Lion

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