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Tiger Safari India

5% OFF for our India tiger safaris if you book before December 31st 2016. We have the most diverse and interesting selection of India Wildlife Holidays and India tiger safaris on the market. Scroll down to our tour headings below to choose an India wildlife tour which best suits your own personal aspirations.

You will not find standard identikit India tiger safaris and wildlife tours amongst our custom and tailor-made trips, as we believe in offering our discerning clients, unique and exciting India wildlife tours, designed out of a deep love and respect for this country and based on more than 20 personal trips to India in the last 19 years. India is such a diverse and fascinating country that there really is something for everyone to enjoy. We have partnered with some of the best Indian Wildlife Lodges and local agents in the country, so we can hand craft each tiger safari in India with precision and attention to detail. If you don't understand how the jeep booking system worked in India, or how far in advance you need to book trains or specialist permits, it is very easy to face disappontment and frustration even before you step foot in the country. So please check out what clients are saying about our 100% rated bespoke tiger safaris in India and let the wildlife experts design a India wildlife holiday that will live long in the memory.

How to respect the wildlife on your tiger safari in India

​Some obvious answers to this question would be 'don't get too close to the wildlife', 'keep noise to a minimum', 'obey all the park rules' and so on - fairly obvious so far. However for us as a company who have been designing tiger safaris in India since 1999 we would say the biggest single factor you can do on your India wildlife tour to respect wildlife is to stay longer at one of the many beautiful Indian wildlife sanctuaries. This is an absolute fundamental of the way we design your tiger safari and is part of the very DNA of our company - so why does this have such a positive effect on wildlife. When clients and in particular keen wildlife photographers arrive at a national park or tiger sanctuary, they are very focused on 'clicking' their dream wildlife photo and the less time you give them - bear in mind, many travel companies only provide 2 or 3 jeep safaris inside the park - the more nervous and anxious they become when a tiger sighting does not materialise. So much so, that this anxiety transmits itself to all the occupants of the jeep and in particular the safari guide and the driver. They feel this need to accommodate the wishes of their clients and when operating under a very limited timescale for viewing tigers, they will often change their behaviour in a negative way to 'chase tigers' for their clients. This behaviour can involve speeding inside the park, aggressive approaches to other vehicles already viewing a tiger and a general feeling that it is their right to photograph the tiger whatever the sensibilities of the resident wildlife.

Tiger Safari India - How to make it extra special for you?

We micro-manage every aspect of your India wildlife tour to make sure you are truely maximising your Indian wildlife experience and enjoying a tour which lives up to your expectations. This will involve a wide variety of 'tactics' and a pro-active approach to the design and timing (very important) of your tiger safari in India. So for example, some of the tiger sanctuaries in India close on certain days of the week, so this would be a transit day for us, where we move you from one wildlife sanctuary to another; possibly stopping off at an interesting town or village en route. We actively avoid huge festivals such as Holi and Diwali for our clients mainly interested in Indian wildlife, so they arrive at tiger sanctuaries when visitor numbers are a little less. We make sure our guests are not in jeeps packed with 6 or 7 clients, to ensure both their comfort but also the best possibility of them capturing a special wildlife photo which they can share with family and friends. Even down to the simple things like provided packed dinners on overnight Indian train journeys or a local sim card so our clients can keep in touch with loved ones without arriving home to a huge phone bill, is all part of the high end service we provide.

India Wildlife Sanctuaries - Which one is right for you?

​There are so many different wildlife sanctuaries in India that choosing one or two to visit can at first appear confusing and time consuming. Given that travelling by road or rail in India can be challenging, it makes sense to think about logistics and how certain tiger sanctuaries or national parks fit together as part of a longer India wildlife tour; but there are many other considerations experienced wildlife travellers to India would consider which will have a major effect on your personal experience. For example, some of the tiger sanctuaries in Madya Pradesh, such as Pench and Kanha have multiple entrance gates - so which side of the park do I want to enter from? How many jeeps are allowed to enter from a particular side of the park; which obviously equates to how busy a particular zone of the tiger sanctuary will be. For many years we always promoted the 'Mukki Gate' at Kanha national park, as this had far fewer wildlife lodges and therefore far fewer jeeps entering for the daily tiger safaris. This more tranquil experience was highly appreciated by our clients; many of who are happy with less tiger sightings, if it means less crowds and a more intimate experience with the Indian wildlife they have come to see.

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