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The spectacular Canadian scenery and its abundant wildlife is a magnet for travellers from all over the world. With our very own Canadian Operations Manager, James Manson, living on Vancouver Island for many years, we have been able to design Canadian wildlife holidays direct with local specialist companies; who either own the best Canadian wilderness lodges or have the best wildlife guides for their grizzly bear viewing tours. So whether you want to kayak with Orcas off Vancouver Island, observe black bears and gray whales in Tofino, walk with grizzly bears in the beautiful Bella Coola Valley, fly in by floatplane to the incredible Grizzly Bear Lodge, visit the world famous grizzly bears of Knight Inlet or book a bear watching tour on Vancouver Island; we have the best and most diverse selection of Canada wildlife holidays on offer. We have put together an expert guide on the best bear viewing in Canada - best time of year to see bears and the best places in Canada to see them.

Bear watching holidays in Canada.

​Canada has the most diverse and spectacular bear viewing in the world and generally is a little less costly that its neighbour Alaska. Without too much cost or time taken, it is fairly easy to see brown, black and polar bears in Canada - although the best time of year to see the bears in Canada varies from species to species. Interior Grizzly Bears (often confused with brown bears - see our Top 5 Canadian wildlife below) are a little more challenging, as is the elusive Spirit Bear; sometime called the Kermode Bear. We have put together our Top 5 bear watching holidays in Canada, with tips on how to do it and a link to full descriptions and costings.

Churchill, Canada - Polar Bear tours

​We have been visiting Churchill in Manitoba since 2003 and have the most diverse selection of polar bear tours and safaris in the UK. Read our expert polar bear tour guide on all the different ways to organise a polar bear safari in Churchill; from budget polar bear tours in the early season, to overnight stays on the famous Tundra Buggy Lodge, to more intimate polar bear walking safaris and stays at the polar bear lodge.

Canadian Wildlife

Some of the most charismatic wildlife, both marine and terrestrial, can be found in the animal rich provinces of Canada. Iconic species such as brown and black bears, spirit and polar bears, Narwhal and Beluga Whales and Wolf and Wolverine, all live in this beautiful country where human populations are low and by choosing the right time of year to visit Canada and staying at unqiue Canadian wilderness lodges, you to can experience and photography the spectacular Canadian Wildlife. We have put together some profiles of the key species found in Canada which can be found here Top 5 Canadian wildlife. As well as detailed information on these animals, there are links to itineraries which show you how to organise such a wildlife holiday and provide information on prices and the best time of year to visit.

Canada Wildlife Holidays - where to start?

Canada is such a vast country that it can at first seem a little daunting to start designing your own bespoke Canada wildlife tour. If you are after an easy paced, well priced wildlife adventure with a little relaxation time in a city or seaside town, then British Colombia is definitely a place to consider. There are a huge number of flight options to Vancouver (including low cost charter options), car hire is cheap and affordable and the beautiful and wildlife rich Vancouver Island is only a 2 hour ferry journey away. So why not start with a couple of nights relaxing in a downtown hotel in Vancouver before starting your wildlife holiday in British Colombia.

For the more adventerous wildlife enthusiats we have a long history of organising tailor-made tours in the little visited province of Nunavut. We have organised polar bear safaris in Nunavut; where you are the only people in the boat and along with your sharp sighted Inuit Guide, you go out looking for seals, bowhead whales, narwhal and polar bears. A polar bear safari off the coast of the legendary Baffin Island is one of the ultimate Canadian wildlife experiences and one we can organise for you. Manitoba is another province we have been organising Canada wildlife holidays to since 2003 and the massing of Polar Bears along the west coast of the vast Hudson Bay is one of natures most famous and impressive wildlife spectacles. Some of the last Polar Bear safaris in November - which take place on specially adapted Tundra Buggy vehicles - witness as many as 50 polar bears; patiently waiting for the ice in the bay to be solid enough to support their considerable weight and allow them to 'go after' their favourite prey; seals

Ultimate Bear Safaris in Canada - our signature tours!

We are proud to have pioneered some extraordinary Canada wildlife holidays and one of the most unique amonst these is our '3 bears tours'. With perfect timing and planning from the experts in Canada wildlife holidays, it is possible to visit British Colombia late in the salmon run season and view both brown and black bears. This is a two province Canada wildlife tour, as after the bear safari in British Colombia, you need to head to either Nunavut (more challenging!) or Manitoba to see the third and final North American bear species - the Polar Bear - Ursus maritimus

We also have some of the most diverse and exciting grizzly and brown bear tours in the wildlife travel market. For us brown bear viewing does not stop with Knight Inlet. We organise bear safaris in the gorgeous Bella Coola Valley, where you gently drift along the cold waters of the Atnarko river in search of brown bears fishing, hundreds of Bald Eagles and the chance to see both black and brown bears on your guided walks in the forest. Or for those who like to combine hiking in the mountains with wildlife observation and the chance to see grizzly bears and maybe even wolves then we have a High Alpine Bear and Wolf tour just for you. Some of our clients fly from Vancouver to Prince Rupert, located on the famous Inside Passage ferry route. This is a world famous location to go whale watching for Humpbacks, but also via a scenic floatplane ride you can quickly be in the beautiful Khutzeymateen​ bear sanctuary, enjoying estuary boat safaris looking for brown bears feeding on the spring

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