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Jaguar Safari in the Pantanal

11 days from £3090* 5 reviews

Jaguar safari mating pair

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Bespoke Jaguar safari - If you talk to the older Pantaneiro Cowboys about Jaguars, they will tell you that back in the eighties/early nineties, they would be lucky to see a Jaguar once a month; and then that was probably on a hunt, when they suspected this magnificent big cat of taking one of their cows. How times have changed; now sightings on the Cuiaba River are almost daily. The increase in their numbers is a consequence of many ranch owners moving into eco tourism, as well as a few well respected NGO’s such as the World Conservation Society buying up land around the Cuiaba River to protect resident Jaguar territories. Now a trip along the famous Transpaneria road from Cuiaba to Porto Jofre is one of the most exhilarating and exciting wildlife safaris in the world - with many clients recording over 30 mammal species in a single trip during their Jagaur safari


This is a Private Tour

  1. 1

    Arrive into Cuiaba and drive south to the Pixiam River in your own private vehicle with guide.

  2. 2

    Full day of morning and afternoon boat safari on the Pixiam River looking for Giant River Otters.

  3. 3

    Drive to Porto Jofre at the end of the Transpanteneira Road and overnight at the Jaguar Ecological Reserve.

  4. 5-8

    Four days of morning and afternoon private boat safaris on the Cuiaba River.

  5. 9

    Drive back up the road to Pousda Alegra; great location for Giant Anteater and Tapir.

  6. 10

    Morning for additional wildlife activities, followed by transfer to Cuiaba.

  7. 11

    Connect with your onward flight.


Accommodation: a private tour throughout with mid-range lodges and tented camps - all meals included apart from at Cuiaba.

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