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Bear safari Canada - Great Bear Lodge

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One of the best Canada bear safaris can be found at Great Bear Lodge; reached from Port Hardy by floatlane or scenic boat transfer. You will arrive at a beautiful, rustic floating lodge managed by a couple incredibly passionate about this beautiful wilderness area in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Best Canadian wilderness lodges - Great Bear Lodge

Here, seemingly cut off from the outside world, an American biologist and his Australian partner have an extremely well run and well thought out Grizzly Bear viewing operation with boat based spring and summer viewing in the inlet, and fall viewing along a nearby salmon river from a vehicle and a series of permanent hides. At the beginning of this year , after a long search for a river system with a larger grizzly bear population, they relocated their nicely appointed, 5 bedroom floating lodge from another inlet where they’d been conducting bear viewing for the past 5 years. What sets this operation apart, other than the organisation and meticulous logistical planning, is the sheer amount of time devoted to bear viewing during a stay. Whereas in Knight Inlet viewing is limited to a 2 hour session each day during salmon season, here two 4 hour sessions (one on day of arrival and departure) are offered, one in the morning and one in the afternoon/evening. While the area may lack the sheer density of bears found in Knight Inlet, it does have a healthy bear population and with 8 or more hours a day to view them, sightings can be superb during the main salmon runs.

During our 4 night stay in 2004 I particularly enjoyed seeing some of the same bears on multiple days and getting to know their individual personalities and habits. Another highlight was watching the interaction between multiple sub-adult bears as they vied for position, trying to find their place in a complex and ever changing pecking order. Over the course of 4 days I became familiar with a number of individuals and family units, all named by, and well known to my guide, including “Struan”, “The Boys” (twin 3 year olds), and most memorable of all, “Jocasta & Oedipus”, a formidable team consisting of a mature female and her clinging 4-5 year old son. All viewing was conducted from a bus, and a series of 60 foot covered hides along a 5 mile stretch of restored logging that runs parallel with a river with a big run of Pink & Chum Salmon. On a number of occasions we actually met bears on the logging road, or had them emerge from the undergrowth beside the bus when we parked beside a particular section of river. Back at the lodge myself and the other guests had the benefit of superb cuisine, cosy private bedrooms, frequent slide shows, an extensive library of wildlife books & documentaries, and optional hikes and excursions by boat and kayak between bear viewing sessions.

If you would like Wildlife Trails to organise a Canada bear safari at the Great Bear Lodge then please contact us with your details.

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